M-Food natural ingredients

About us

M-Food natural ingredients is founded by Ben Mijten and Dave van der Pasch. Ben Mijten is a pioneer in the field of development of insect feed, professional insect farming and insect processing.

By processing insects into high quality ingredients for the food

industry, M-Food is the missing link between the insect farmers and the food industry. Ben Mijten has a strong background in feed productionand is next to founder of M-Food owner of Mijten Animal Feed; a first class producer of specialty feed products of which specially formulated feeds for mealworms, crickets and locusts.  

From left to right Ben Mijten and Dave van der Pasch founders of M-Food

M-Food is a strong believer in the insects-4-food-markets. Mealworms, crickets and locust

as a human food source will likely hit off strongly when the legislation is in place.